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Fuzzy dupes

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Find duplicates that are misspelled in your data using fuzzy logic quickly, reliably, easily with ExisEcho. Save thousands of dollars in lost revenue due to duplications in master data or duplicate payments to vendors!


New for 2014 - a new version of ExisEcho 4.2. UI improvements, bug fixes 5/17/2014


New for 2013 - a new version of ExisEcho 4.1. UI improvements, bug fixes, Security enchancements 8/15/2013


New for 2013 - a new version of ExisEcho 4.0. Significant improvements in speed and small bug fixes released 1/6/2013


Announcing new data mining software coming soon (3rd qtr of 2013). For more info see www.dataminingservices.com

fuzzy logic

Use sophisticated fuzzy logic to find duplicates in any data even when entries are misspelled (John Smith vs. John Smyth) or in reverse order such as "Smith, John" and "John, Smith". Find duplicate entries that are abbreviated or contain articles such as: "The Company Name" and "Company Name". Our competition cannot do this!


New Version 3.0 Released March 2012! Adds unattended, "Batch" mode! Schedule ExisEcho to run in the background on your server.

fuzzy logic applications

64 bit version is now available for even more processing power!

dedupe data

Use it to clean up master data by removing unwanted duplicates from contacts, customers, vendors, products, or any structured data list thereby improving your master data.

fuzzy matches

Use it to find duplicate payments to vendors.

remove duplicates from

Data may be in many formats: Excel spreadsheet (2003, 2007, 2010), MS SQL Server, MS Access, Any ODBC database, flat file or xml file, or ACL (audit exchange) files.

remove duplicates

Variable sensitivity allows you to decide how close entries must be to be considered duplicates.

misspelled duplicates

Multi-column search to compare and identify duplicates.

cleanup masterfile

Subsets through pattern matching for any column(s) of data.

cleanup masterfile

Very fast processing for large amounts of data - much faster then competition!

duplicate entries

Advanced options – including phonetic search, case sensitivity substitutions for titles, articles etc. You can add to the lists provided with software.

approximate matches

Look for a single entry or scan the entire data source.

approximate duplicates

Runs on computers running Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows7, or Windows Server 2003/2008.

duplicate items

No programming skills required.

levenshtein distance

Proprietary algorithms allow for fast duplicate searches utilizing your available hardware to it's fullest!


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Added ability to export to EXCEL directly.

ExisEcho uses sophisticated fuzzy logic algorithms to remove duplicates from a wide variety of data sources. Use ExisEcho to find misspelled duplicates called "fuzzy matches" in your customer masters, contact lists. Use ExisEcho to dedupe data in your transactions such as vendor payments. Masterfile duplicates can cause a lot of errors in your business, costing you thousands of dollars in lost revenue due to mistakes. ExisEcho will reveal approximate matches and approximate duplicates in your company’s valuable data. Find duplicate items (dedupe data) in your vendor payments quickly! Even if you find just one error worth a $1000 this software will have paid for itself! Our product has many advantages over our competition. The more fuzzy matches you find, the more money you could potentially save. We use proprietary algorithms to discover inexact matches/fuzzy matches that are very difficult for other fuzzy logic applications to locate, such as when you have “John Smith” and “Smith John”. No other fuzzy logic applications software can claim this kind of functionality to discover fuzzy matches! Other fuzzy logic applications will not give you sophisticated options such as batch processing. Try it, and we are confident that you will immediately realize the benefits of this fuzzy logic application.
The terminology that is used a lot in this field is interchangeable. For example fuzzy dupes, or fuzzy duplicates are terms often used with inexact matching algorithms that use various approaches, such as the levenshtein distance approach and other methods.

Find Duplicate!

Dedupe Data!

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Works with:

Excel 2003

Excel 2007

Excel 2010

CSV files

Flat Files

Delimited Files

MS SQL Server

MS Access

any ODBC database


ACL (audit exchange)

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